Singing Bowls Use In Mindful Meditation

singing bowls

In a world filled with so many distractions and things demanding our attention, mindful meditation can be a great way to center ourselves and realign ourselves with our intentions. However, just because it is beneficial to our mental health does not make mindful meditation an easy feat to accomplish for everyone. This is where singing bowls come in.

What Is A Singing Bowl?

singing bowls


A singing bowl, also known as a standing bell or Tibetan bowl, is a type of bell either made from quartz crystal or a metal alloy. These bowls are specifically designed to produce a rich, deep sound when hit by a small gong-like piece commonly known as a mallet or by moving the mallet along the edge of the bowl to create a singing sound. These mallets are made from either wood or leather.

While the origin of these wonderful bowls is shrouded by mystery, most claim that these bowls have Oriental origins and have been quite popular in Tibet and Nepal since ancient times. Today, you can find singing bells in various shapes and sizes that produce several tones and frequencies. They have become a popular accompaniment for many wellness and healing practices.

Using Singing Bowls In Mindless Mediation

Meditation practices have always had a deep connection to sound. Whether it was chanting or using a mantra, people have always used meditation to help them focus and be more mindful of the moment they are in, and their intention and singing bowls are no different.

The soothing sounds singing bowls produce make it the perfect tool for mindful meditation. The vibrations and tranquil frequencies they produce have been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system allowing the user to enter a space of deep relaxation and connect to their very essence.

However, the frequencies they produce are not exclusively what makes singing bowls special. What makes singing bowls truly special in a mindful meditation is the fact that they promote deep listening.

Mindful meditation is all about being present. It is about taking the time to slow down your mind and body and be in the moment. However, shutting down your mind’s chatter is not always an easy thing to do.

Singing bowls provide you with something to focus on as you try to be more present. The soothing and tranquil sounds the singing bowl delivers shuts down all the clutter and distractions and help take your mindful meditation practice to another level. Singing bowls can be a perfect tool for beginners who have a hard time focusing during meditation and can’t stop drifting off.

Plus, the fact that singing bowls promote deep relaxation, and deepen your focus, makes them the perfect tool to include in your mindful meditation practice.

How To Use A Singing Bowl

The great thing about Tibetan bowls is that anyone can use them. However, you will need a little practice before you can include it in your mindful meditation sessions. Singing bowls come in diverse sizes and materials, and you want to ensure you pick one that produces the right sound for you. The wrong sound can completely ruin your meditation session. Here are a few tips on handling a standing bell:

  1. Place your bowl in the palm of your non-dominant hand, on your lap, or any close surface. Please note, if you are placing the bowl in your palm, do not grip it tightly instead, softly balance the bowl on your palm.
  2. Gently strike your bowl on the inner or outer rim with your mallet, holding it at different angles and using varied pressure to compare results. Soon, you will notice which techniques work best for you.
  3. Once you find your sounds, you can begin to enjoy your mindful meditation practice.


singing bowls


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