About Us

Starting in 2018, with the inspiration of our three girls, our destiny carved a path to a beautiful trail of creativity. Growing up and being from Nepal, we strive to present you with the finest handcrafted products from our homeland. Our brand endeavors to create comfortable, and quality items, all while being ecological and biodegradable. 

All of our handcrafted products are made in small batches to stay sustainable. Our product line is featured locally grown fabrics, that include natural hemp, cotton, wool, felt, and cashmere (pashmina). We’ve fashioned out multiple collections to choose from. These line-ups include Hemp Heaven (which carries many natural hemp-made items), Cotton World (made of soothing cotton items), Cozy Felt (with amazingly created felt items), and Warm Wool (with all-natural wool items, as well). Besides these wonderful selections, we also provide our Cashmere Kingdom (with all cashmere pieces, perfect for anyone), and especially our Mindfulness Corner (made up of a peaceful cluster, including deeply relaxing singing bowls). 

Although designed and distributed in the U.S.A, we represent local artisans of Nepal and their artworks. They create these beautiful, eco-system-friendly products. Buy with confidence, knowing your purchase helps not only the indigenous people of Nepal but the world and its environment, as well.